Phase 1.

Mint 360 Paletos.
Collaborations and partnerships with Polygon community.
Community grow.
Marketing campaign.
Donation to children hunger organization.
Creation of Paleto Zombies serum.
Official Merch.
Avatar for sandbox metaverse.

Phase 2.

Derivate collection with smart contract.
Special edition Paletos airdrops for holders.
Creation of a token.
Creation of 3D airdrops metaverse.

What we have achieved

  • 1.2 WETH volume
  • 180 Paletos frozen
  • 75 owners
  • 61 Flavors
  • Metal Paletos
  • First Paleto Zombie minted on official NFT​
  • ​Zombie Bottle NFT
  • ​PaletoDrops Smartcontract to Airdrop special NFTs to owners