Freezerverse is our NFT ecosystem existing on Polygon and powered by our token ICE. Our main goal is to democratize NFT for the non crypto world, to bring as much of new people to the NFT space and to help new creators with everything we can so everyone can learn how to buy and sell NFTs. We started back then with 3D Paleto, a 1/1 collection with no contract as we didnt know how to create and deploy contracts, then we learnt and created our first generative collection Ranas Chidas with is a hand drawn collection, we always want to explore and create new things so then we did 3D Helado, our first generative collection and then we wanted to do another food collection so we did Pizza Buddies free mint for our community. What we are working now is on the bridging of 3D Paleto to a smart contract collection to keep giving owners more utility and finally finish the collection. We want to keep creating new and special collections for our community so we will have on our plans to create a collection that can be mint with our ICE token and we want also to work on animated collections in the future to keep freezerverse as a innovative NFT ecosystem.

Why Polygon?

We believe in Polygon as its the best solution to get the blockchain to the masses, accessible for everyone. Specially for people who are just entering the NFT world and want to collect and create NFTs.

Another important aspect is the green side of it as it is very important for us to take care of our planet and Polygon is planning to be carbon-negative this year, a gigantic difference with most of the blockchains.

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