One Pager Summary

Freezerverse is a NFT Polygon ecosystem of collections with friendly and fun characters that are taken out of the freezer multiverse. Each collection has its own utilities but they all share the main core ideas of sharing the earnings into the community wallet, the donations wallet and to add liquidity to our token ICE.

360 3D Popsicle frozen 1 by 1, monthly drops of new Paletos with new flavors, toppings, collaborations with Polygon creators, special edition Paletos and 3D NFTs.

Generative collection of 1234 frogs made with hand drawn layers by my 12 years nephew and her love of her favorite animals, ranas.

3D Generative collection of 4444 delicious Ice cream vases with more than 100 3d rendered layers.

Free mint generative collection of 2222 cool pizzas made with the best ingredients. This is a project made for the community and part of the royalties are being streamed to them.

ERC-20 token of our ecosystem, it can be used on our marketplace to buy NFTs, to buy raffle tickets and to be swap for MATIC.

Holders of our collections can earn our ICE token on our discord community, access to private holders channels with monthly NFT raffles, monthly NFT airdrops for our holders.

Part of our earnings are being splitted into our donations wallet where we will be donating to a NGO that helps starving children.

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