🍦3D Helado

Derivate Collection from 3D Paleto, Helado is a collection of 4444 Ice creams randomly generated with more than 200 traits 3D rendered.

As all of our projects we have defined percentages to split the earnings and accomplish our goals and are:

  • 47.5% Team

  • 10% ICE liquidity

  • 7.5% Donations

  • 35% Community wallet

As we created 3D Helado as a derivative collection of 3D Paleto, we initially minted 360 Helados to airdrop 1 to each Paleto owner, after that we will do a 1 MATIC increase every 400 mints starting with Helado #800. Now we are doing 10 MATIC raffles every 50 mints and a NFT raffle from other polygon communities. We hide 4 Golden Helados that will give the owners 40 MATIC, 1 has been minted and 3 more hidden on the collection.

Ice earning:

  • 1 NFT, paleto owners role, access to NFT holders raffle, /icedaily 1 🧊 daily, access to montlhy airdrop

  • 6 NFT, bronze paleto role, access to sneak peek channel and NFT bronze raffle, /brainfreeze 15 🧊 daily, 10% OFF on helado mints

  • 11 NFT, silver paleto role, access to NFT silver raffle, /brainfreeze 30 🧊 daily, 15% OFF on helado mints

  • 20 NFT, golden paleto role, access to NFT golden raffle, /brainfreeze 70 🧊 daily, 20% OFF on helado mints, 2 free NFTs from all frezzerverse new collections

  • 30 NFT, platinum paleto role, /brainfreeze 90 🧊 daily, 25% OFF on helado mints

Airdrop Collection:

We got a monthly NFT airdrop that we love to do collaborating with other communities and sometimes requieres to do some dynamics on twitter and other are FFA.



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