Paleto is a collection of 360 3D popsicles coming out from the freezer multiverse, there is a flavor and mood for every personality. Our main goal is to democratize NFT for the non crypto world, to bring as much of new people to the NFT space and to help new creators with everything we can so everyone can learn how to buy and sell NFTs. What we looked since the beginning was to establish ourself as a NFT designer studio. 3D Paleto has not a smart contract as we did not knew how to create it at that time, but now that we know we want to make a derivative collection and then continue experimenting with animated collections, with all this we want to make a big community where we share all our little knowledge and to give utility to our holders.
3D Paleto consist of:
  • Monthly drops.
  • Monthly NFT raffles of new Polygon collections.
  • Collaboration with Polygon NFT artists.
  • Special flavor Paletos.
  • Seasonal Paletos.
  • 3D NFTs compatible with metaverses.
  • NFT Special Airdrops for owners.
  • Crypto donation to children hunger organization.

Why Polygon?

We believe in Polygon as its the best solution to get the blockchain to the masses, accessible for everyone. Specially for people who are just entering the NFT world and want to collect and create NFTs.
Another important aspect is the green side of it as it is very important for us to take care of our planet and Polygon is planning to be carbon-negative this year, a gigantic difference with most of the blockchains.