One Pager Summary

3D Paleto is a Paleto is a collection of 360 3D popsicles coming out from the freezer multiverse, there is a flavor and mood for every personality.

​Price System​

Our NFTs are constantly price increasing with every drop, increasing 0.003 ETH in all prices every 30 new Paletos.

​Drop Mechanics​

Every 45 Days 30 new Paletos are being frozen.

​Metal Paletos​

There exist 3 metal Paleto tiers, (Gold, Silver and Bronze) with exclusive benefits for holders of certain amount of Paletos.

​NFT raffle​

Every 15th of the month we raffle some NFTs valued at the actual floor price of the collection to our owners.
Every drop we are collaborating with 3 Polygon NFT artist


We will donate 50% of all our resales fees generated on Opensea sales.
Last modified 7mo ago